Reaper Bones II review 9: Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian (***)
Tre Manor's minotaur is one of two bull-man sculpts in the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter. There's quite a few variants of minotaur anatomy, almost as much as there are with gnolls, so it's always interesting to see a sculptor's approach to just what constitutes a minotaur. In Tre's case, it's pretty standard stuff. 

  • Let's start with his namesake; Bloodhoof has hooves.  Not all minotaurs do, so this is a good thing. 
  • He wields an axe. Just about every minotaur does, so this is not as good a thing. 
  • He wears a spiked arm sleeve, which seems to have a lot to do with dungeonpunk (aren't we past that now?). 
  • Bloodhoof also has a nose ring, because...that's what minotaurs and hipsters do, right?

All of this is bog-standard minotaur stuff.  But really the biggest issue for Bloodhoof is that as a minotaur, he feels a little slight.

His horns aren't oversized and he doesn't have the straining muscles of a He-Man action figure which is standard for minotaurs these days (I blame Warhammer). Unfortunately for Bloodhoof, this makes him more fighter than barbarian.

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