Reaper Bones II review 10: Rugg, Bugbear Leader (****)
There were a lot of bugbears in the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter, and for good reason; bugbears have long been overlooked as miniatures despite being common foes. Unlike gnolls, their appearance has pretty much stayed the same over the years, so Tre Manor's many sculpts are a welcome addition to a Dungeon Master's collection.

Rugg, like all the other bugbears in this line, wears armored gauntlets over his forearms, scale mail shoulder pads, a weightlifter's belt and a scale loincloth. He also has a studded leather leg brace on just one leg.


The other leg is actually fur with a cloth tied around one knee, but the detail lost in the Bonesium makes it look like it might be another studded leather leg piece. This is a problem with every bugbear sculpt, as they all have a similar post and similar leg armor. You can see this is an issue as several artists have painted the leg different colors (or cleverly concealed it with the huge war club Rugg wields).

Rugg looks like all the other bugbears, and that's a good thing. The big difference is he's pointing, which in bugbear terms means he's the leader.

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