Reaper Bones II review 11: Mogg, Bugbear Warrior (****)
I was hoping that since we already have Rugg we could get Snugg, and then have Snugg as a bug(bear) with a Rugg, but no such luck. We get Mogg instead, who likes wooden shields and maces. 

Like Tre Manor's other bugbears, Mogg has a similar belt, the same annoying asymmetrical leg armor (in Mogg's case, it's made of plate instead of studded leather) and instead of a studded leather vambrace he has a plain leather one instead. Bugbears are pretty mix-and-match types when it comes to Reaper.

It's worth mentioning here like the gnolls in the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter, all these bugbears are so large that they don't easily fit on a round 1-inch base. Instead, if you place them diagonally, they just barely fit. Not a big deal unless you plan to base them.

Although Mogg's a warrior, my old school instinct automatically assumes he's a cleric of some sort because he has the temerity to wield a mace. I know, I know, that's very prejudiced of me, but that's what happens when you've been playing D&D for over three decades.

As a warrior or a cleric, Mogg works just fine. Just mind his other leg, which has the same problem as all the sculpts and looks like it might be armor but is in fact shaggy hair.

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