Reaper Bones II review 12: Kegg, Bugbear Hunter (****)
Kegg has the same equipment as the other bugbears in Tre Manor's line, with a few exceptions. His forearm has a studded leather vambrace and he wields a simple battleaxe. In his other hand is a round wooden shield.

Unlike the other bugbears, Kegg has scale mail covering his full torso. Maybe it's just the huge weight belts the bugbears wear, but I can't help but think of bugbears as wrestlers who like to flex every chance they get, so it's surprising that Kegg's ego allows him to choose protection over flashing his fab abs.

Like all the other sculpts, Kegg's leg wears the same curious cloth over one knee with shaggy hair that looks like it could be armor. How you treat this in your paint job depends on how you treat hair on the bugbears.

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