Reaper Bones II review 13: Bugbear Warrior (***)
Of all the bugbear sculpts, this one gets the basics right: your bog-standard (bug standard?) bugbear probably wields a club and uses a shield. The bugbear has one scale mail shoulder pad and studded leather armor over one leg. It still suffers from the same "is it armor or hair?" issue on the other leg, which is actually a cloth covering over the knee only (seriously, does every bugbear where a scarf tied around one knee? is this a gang thing?).

There is a bit of the dungeonpunk going on with the spiked shield the bugbear is wielding, which seems a bit much for an average bugbear (and a holdover from Tre Manor's gnolls, who all wield those things). These generic bugbears also aren't afraid to show their awesome abs bugling over their weight belt, like an oiled up wrestler ("BUGBEAR IS COMING FOR YOOOOOU!").

In addition to the leg issue, the spiked clubs are a little bendy for my tastes. You can fix it with some hot water, but the nature of the club seems to slightly curve which none of the other bugbear sculpts have (including "I am not a cleric!" bugbear Mogg).

The bugbear stances are also too wide to fit easily on a 1-inch base, but if you place them diagonal in the square they just make it. I ended up using these as orog stand-ins because there's just not enough orog miniatures to go around, and they worked out just fine.

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