Reappraisal: Leadership

When someone experiences difficult emotions as a leader 

If I try to resist difficult emotions of any kind – I stop resisting them immediately. I am a leader. I pay attention to body sensations of difficult emotions, which keeps my emotions regulated. I remain aware of body sensations of my emotions at all times. I connect with my team. We embrace and learn from all our experiences, which enable us to spot incredible growth opportunities, unique angles for being innovative and we use compassion to connect with each other and our users and clients. We develop emotional resilience within the team. Compassion impacts our attitudes and behaviours in amazing ways. We let our best intentions influence our actions. We experience difficult emotions without reacting. We increase mutual trust and commitment towards reaching our goals. Compassion and emotional resilience facilitates the process of learning from our experiences and connecting more deeply with the world around us. I will not underestimate the possibilities. As a leader I contribute to the development of human strength and vitality, creating possibilities, fostering resilience and restoration, increasing our innovativeness and social cohesion and cultivating extraordinary individual and organisational performance.