Reasons to smile!
 I have some people expressing some interest in sending gifts for Kaylee and I's wedding. After some thought I figured this might be the best way to give folks an option for chipping in on wedding gifts and expenses.

My goal here is to put together enough money for us to go on a small honeymoon/vaction after the wedding. Currently, I want to make this a surprise for Kaylee, she really deserves it after everything she has been through recently.

That being said, please feel free to share this ! I don't want to keep folks from sharing if they feel they would like to do so. (When I post on my Facebook she won't be able to see).

Guildies and friends *shhh* be vewy vewy quite!

For those folks who know Kaylee and I, April 12th will be the wedding day. Many of our friends and loved ones are not able to come to the wedding, and we are ok with that, but you can still show us a little love if you'd like. ^.^

We've shared some of the greatest moments in our life together and I really want to do something special for her. She is my life, and my very favorite person. If you were thinking about buying a gift, consider helping out here instead! 

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