Reasons To Use One Piece Bookmarks (#1) - Oro Jackson Release
Bookmarks are useful, aren't they? Well... whether you use them or not - we give you some amazing reasons to use One Piece Bookmarks! This is our first release, each future "bookmark set" release will contain two bookmarks. Copyright and Disclaimer One Piece is (c) Eiichiro Oda, graphical work created by Oro Jackson. If you use, remix or make available these graphic works anywhere else we request the credits to Oro Jackson remains and/or we are credited in a manner where the viewer knows who is the original creator of said graphic content. High Quality - Ready To Print We have followed the standards and guidelines to ensure the bookmarks are "print" ready. You can take it to your nearest printer to have it printed in sets or as a single piece - your choice, and use them! Release Thread With More Info: