The Rebirth
For many years, I have been wombed within the heart of a woman who knows pain intimately. 

She has carried it with her silently, with a beautiful smile on her face, as she continues to do what’s expected of her. 

It is here, where I learn the struggles of her life and the woman it has shaped her to be. 

It is here I am nurtured by her happiness and anguish. 

It is here I feel her passions and ambitions. 

And so I feed from it... I grow from it.

I watch her struggle with how she must let me go now, trying to find the best way to do so.

And under the bright stars of a cool winter’s night, in her great madness, I am born. 

The wind’s gentle breeze awakens my senses as I watch the black silhouette of pine frame my vision.

The rustling of old leaves on the ground fills my ears, as the smell of earth intoxicates my soul. 

I turn to kiss my dear mother and promise to honor her. To never betray her. Reaching into the depths of her soul to emerge singing her sweet song, I am here to speak her truths.

And so, because she is a woman belonging to along lineage of strong women, it came to be that I, “Elle” was born.