Recap and check-in
Well, I finished my revisions to MiskU/tour and liked it well enough, so it went off to the potential publisher already. I also finished up the first draft of burn, though I suspect that one is going to take some more work when it comes to revisions, as it's very bare bones right now.

I didn't finish Chapter 10 of B&G2, because I had a huge existential crisis in which I wondered what I'm actually doing with this book, and maybe my outline isn't quite robust enough, and I should at least figure out what all of the antagonists are up to off-screen. So mostly I let my brain pick at that over the course of the weekend, and I'm starting to see the dust settle on that. At least a little.

This week, I want to finish through Chapter 11 of B&G2, and I have a new story, which I'll codename "violin", that I'm starting on. I've technically got a bit of it written in my email, but it'll likely need cleaning up and fleshing out.

I also plan to start working on a revision to AustenWorld, which is the game that Jeremy and I wrote up last year, playtested a few times, and then figured out how to make it more of what we hoped for in this game. It requires a pretty substantial rewrite of the rules, so that'll be occupying my spare time from now through October. Yikes!