Recap and Preview of Agree or Disagree:The Podcast.

Thank you.

Deidre Siranni.She does a number of things. Which includes hosting the Human Unleashed Podcast. drops every 2nd Tuesday. We chatted Wednesday.

Also, thank you to Author Erin Chase. She wrote the book Beyond Palace Walls.

I posted the tweet in the link for a chance at a Promo Code and an opportunity to win an Ebook.

What’s coming up this week.

Some stuff we are setting dates I will update you as we go along. But…@boozychef is coming on the Podcast. She does the BoozyChef question. She’s a lot of fn on Twitter and doing some really good things. It will be fun to have her on.

Some of the things we are working on.

-Award winning Ebook designer.

-Reviews of the Punisher, Justice League, and Stranger Things.

Also, I’m going to be covering a conference for Each For All. It’s a show on co-op Radio 100.5 FM here in Vancouver. It’s the Housing Central Conference. So, I’ll have some stuff to share from there.

And of course, the FB Lives and whatever hits the news. As usual.

Thank you all so much for hanging out and checking this out.

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