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A number of Clusterfuck Nation readers and patrons have asked if they can subscribe to receive the blog by email. There is an easy way to do this.  But please note that CFN is delivered by email one day after the blog is posted online, and you must still visit the website to comment on blog posts. Some people find this feature useful. 


Visit  and click on any CFN blog post. Once on any blog post, scroll down the page to the "SUBSCRIBE" box just above the comment section and just below my bio. (Look for the red arrow on the image below). 

Here is a closeup of where the "SUBSCRIBE" box is on the page. Enter your email and press the "SUBMIT" button. 

Once you enter your email and press the SUBMIT button, there will be a popup window from FeedBurner. (Note: Some web browsers have a setting that prevents "popups." Make sure you allow the popup window to display.) 

You must click the "I'm not a robot" CAPTCHA box to verify your identity. Then click the "Complete Subscription Request." Here is a screenshot of the FeedBurner popup window with red arrows indicating what buttons you must click:

After you complete the subscription request, you will receive an email with a verification link. You MUST click this verification link in the email to start your subscription. The email will come from [email protected] with the subject line: "Activate your Email Subscription." 

If you do not receive that email shortly after clicking the "Complete Subscription Request," you should check your "Spam" or "Junk" folders in your email program. If you still do not receive that email, you may need to "whitelist" the email address: [email protected]  and try again. 

Here is what the verification email looks like, with a red arrow indicating the verification link: 

Once you have verified your email subscription, you will receive the next Clusterfuck Nation blog post on the day after it is posted (so the Monday blog will arrive via email on Tuesday, the Friday blog will arrive via email on Saturday.) 

Here is how the blog email will appear: 

If you have questions or problems about this process, please post them in the comments here on Patreon. 

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