Recent Developments

January Update

First of all I'm sorry for the long time without Patreon update! Too often my Tiled development days end before I wrote an update, and then I fail to get around to writing a proper post at another time, since generally I have only about one hour in the evening for myself.

That said, several fixes and some nice improvements have been made, which I can now write about. After the big Tiled 1.1 release, there were unfortunately a few critical issues, which resulted in the releases of Tiled 1.1.1 and Tiled 1.1.2. The first mostly just fixed a crash when loading a map with non-tile object templates and the second fixed many smaller things, but also the loading of infinite maps stored in JSON format (or so I thought... Tiled 1.1.3 will contain another fix for infinite maps stored in JSON format and using CSV layer data format).

Then, two new development snapshots were released, in the first I've made some improvements to the object tools and in the second I've made some improvements to polygon editing. Some of these changes are demonstrated in the above video.

Renting a Tiled Office

Last week, I've moved to a dedicated office room again! It's cheaper than the one I rented back in 2016 and it's closer to home. I realize I haven't quite met the goal on Patreon, but I felt it was critical for keeping an adequate level of productivity, which was getting increasingly hard at home.

I'm happy to say that so far the office is great. It's quiet, warm and I can share coffee as well as a decent internet connection with another guy renting a room there. The past two days that I've worked there I've mostly been catching up with messages and fixing a few bugs, but I'm looking forward to focusing on the bigger changes in the upcoming days.

Current Focus

The next two days, I'll be resuming work on multi-layer editing (in the last month I've made the Eraser tool and the Offset Map action work with multiple layers) and next week the multi-map view. Along with the polygon editing improvements (of which more will follow as well), these will form the main changes for Tiled 1.2.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

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