Recent Happenings


There seem to be quite a few of you since the last update so I thought I'd go ahead and say firstly, whaddup ma brethren, and secondly give the story on what's coming next.

Just kidding. It'll spoil the surprise.

I will say that in the coming months I'm going to try some slightly more technical and
difficult stuff. It's going to mean longer waits between videos, I expect.  

I'm telling you this because:

You essentially donate your hard earned monies because you presumably – I hope – enjoy some of the content I'm making. And I appreciate this more than I can express. 

However, it does tend to worry me a bit. If I only put out a video a month, for example, I'm somewhat concerned it seems lazy. It's not exactly a business agreement, but I think the most basic form of it is: “We donate to you. Now produce good content, you fuck.”

I say all of this because what's coming next is going to take quite a bit of thinking,
editing, and time. There will be some funnies, and some sections which hopefully introduce you to some stuff I've been thinking about for years. But it will take a bit more time than some of the other videos. I'd like to make the best stuff I can, and to do that takes quite a lot of time. I've more or less put my PhD on hold to do all
of this, so it's essentially now a full time job.

What I'm trying to say is please bear with me, this is going to take a few weeks. 

The first draft of the new book is almost finished too, so that's exciting. On top of that, the podcast is all going through the editing process, and should be
up shortly.  

On top of that, I'm trying to finish up an album of piano music. 

Foremost, you're all lovely, and once again thanks for the support. It makes all of this possible. 

Oh. One more thing

I've been toying with the idea of moving into virtual reality. I intend to get hold of a decent VR headset, and see if I can get the basic hang  of creating content in there. As of now there is no YouTube of the VR world. But I suspect there will be one soon. If possible, it would  be great to do much the same content as my channel, but in VR space, so you can go and watch it in not only 3D but move about in it too.

However. VR is not mainstream yet, and likely won't be for a few years. Still, if any of you are developers in VR and would be willing to have a chat about it all, do drop me a line. 

Anyway, all the best as ever,