Recent Revisions (incl. pdf)

A model can make only one Regular Movement Action per Round excluding Sidestep (see Ch. 6). A model makes a Compulsory movement as required. If a model was forced to make a Compulsory movement, it can’t make a regular movement the same round. 

Designer’s Note: This is an important addition that together with the advantage of Momentum balances rushing forward and waiting for them to come to you. Otherwise a “double-moving” model would lose at least one HtH attempt compared to the opponent that skipped reactions to withhold them, which would contradict the real-time nature of the game.


Floating models treat Broken terrain as Open Ground.


A model can declare that it stops at the end of any movement action, thus dropping Momentum if any. The model must move at least the minimum required for models with limited Mobility to lose Momentum (see Ch. 4½).


A Fast model goes before other models only if it already had Momentum at the beginning of its movement action. 


A Fleeing model can’t grant or benefit from Team bonuses, nor give/receive Orders.

A model that got a Fleeing token while locked in HtH must make its next Compulsory movement directly away from the enemy that caused it to flee. The model can’t move closer to other enemies than it was at the beginning of the action. If this condition can’t be met, the model has nowhere to Flee and Surrenders automatically. After this movement the model behaves like a normal Fleeing model (see Ch. 4).


Long/Short range now depends on a particular weapon. This overrides the rule in Ch. 5.

A model can shoot either a Deployed weapon or its secondary weapons, but not both in the same Round.

Models don’t suffer accuracy penalty when shooting at smaller targets when targeting a group of 4 or more, or a Regiment.


A model can’t make Backstab attacks if this model is currently Locked in HtH with any other enemy than the target. This is a personal rule. Being part of a Group that is Locked in HtH doesn’t count for this purpose.


Cavalry don’t Run but they can Trot, which is almost the same as Running for Infantry.

Making Fast movement for Cavalry is called Galloping. Not all Cavalry can Gallop (e.g. camels can’t), and Cavalry can’t Gallop if they suffer a Movement Penalty, but they can Trot.

Designer’s Note: Effectively this means that cavalry in heavy armour can “Run” but not benefit from “Fast”.

Cavalry models in Regiments have 2 HP regardless of size, which are not separated between the mount and the rider. Models riding warbeasts and character mounts have separate HP values as in their respective profiles. For Regiments their HP is equal to the mount’s HP value. 

The rider is Thrown off the Saddle if the model’s movement is Interrupted. This rule complements the original rule in Ch. 9.


Big models have an increased Range based on their Size class: