A recent song from my YouTube 365 Songs in 365 Days challenge...
Hello potential patrons!  I just set this page up today, and wanted to share an example of what I've been up to... for my "polished" music, feel free to visit the Bandcamp links in my welcome memo (http://www.jessicaintherainbow.bandcamp.com being the most recent) BUT what I really sound like these days, i.e. a better indicator of what I'll be creating for you - albeit more polished than this - is to check out my YouTube channel where I'm writing and sharing a song every day, for a year.  Due to the challenge, I'm forcing myself to do it every day - no exceptions.  But for YOU, I would gladly take a few extra days or even a week after discovering a new favorite, and tidy up the vocals and piano, and make sure it sounds like something you could get on a clean piano/vocal album from me.   Depending how well this goes, I would love to pay some instrumentalists I know to join me more regularly - in which case, some of these little soothing musical goodies may have cello on them someday, or some haunting electric guitar loops.  The sky is the limit... thanks so much for considering being one of my first patrons!

p.s. here's the channel link, if you'd like to get to know me better musically before deciding! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUrJO6vPyVVCk_VDABUmaw
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