This is a breaded sole I've been doing for the family I've cooked for many years. I use sole but you may use any fish or sub with chicken. I'll send the cruton recipe as well as the sauce for it in the next couple weeks :) It looks as though I'll be ending my 7 year employment with Cathy soon, not by my choice - tho the job makes me miserable, I'd stay, and have for the money, but she is making changes and going away with the kids for the summer. Please send your thoughts and prayers as I'm having a difficult time finding something new, I'd like to start teaching yoga and continue to find placement and publishing, writing opportunities, but first I must secure my current position. Ahh, life, I feel still very much like a crashed alien princess that got sucked into Earths pull on her way to Lyra, it was not part of the plan but I'm doing my best to understand it. Enjoy, and go see TomorrowLand if you have not yet :) A