Recommended: Matthew Bogart / Incredible Doom
(Hi! Every other week, I'm going to share another Patreon that I think you should check out. Enjoy!)

My friend Matthew Bogart launched his new comic this week. 

OK, let's stop there for a second.

Matthew Bogart is my friend. I have absolutely no idea what business I have being friends with Matt. He's such a thoughtful, insightful, sweet guy, and I feel very lucky to know him.

He’s also a killer cartoonist. All of his work is delivered in this unique visual style, paired with deeply immersive storytelling expressed through rich, complex characters. There's no better example than his graphic novel The Chair's Hiatus, which he funded through Kickstarter in 2014.

So my friend Matthew Bogart launched his new comic this week, and it’s called Incredible Doom. Written with his collaborator Jesse Holden, the story follows a group of 90’s kids getting in trouble on the internet.

It’s available in print and on the web, supported through Patreon. You can pledge at $4 per month to receive the print edition (highly recommended!), but he’s also offering some really unique rewards; including bonus stories, original art, the opportunity to appear as a character in the comic, and, for $200 per month, your very own original Incredible Doom comic.

There’ll be new pages every 2 weeks, and a new issue every 2 months. Patreon supporters also get to read a full two months ahead of what's posted publicly. In fact, the first issue is already available to read online for free (although I’d very much encourage you to buy the print edition!).

You should follow Matt's work, and support him on Patreon:

(ps. you should also watch the trailer for Incredible Doom, produced by my friend Chris Higgins and featuring lots of our friends discussing their real-life experiences on the early internet.)