I wrote this post in December of 2016. I still feel it in my bones.
I'm recommitting to my souls work and my hearts path. It's daunting at times this seeming balancing act between what my soul calls me to do and what seems logical and possible.

It's going to take Fierce Magick to live my dreams and really embody and share my souls medicine.

I've been training for this very thing my whole life though. I remember now that I can do this. And as I say YES to my success, I feel my angels and guides breathe a big sigh of relief. They put down their cards from the game they have been playing as that wait on me to get with the program. Standing up, ready for action, they remind me that I need only make the call and they will rush to assist me. They remind me that I am not alone and I don't have to do this all on my own. Divine assistance is always here when I stop hiding in doubt and fear.

As I open my mouth to speak the words they have been longing to hear, I feel the unseen world let out a joyous cheer. Heaven and Earth are cheering me on. This is a new day, a new dawn. The power to shift and lift and transform the bullshit is legit, true, strong and alive in my heart. A spark to be nourished and lovingly fed. A spark that will ignite a roaring fire of cleansing love that illumines my path and blazes a trail.

Some of us come into this life with heavy blankets on so that we will build the strength to lift the veil, shift the nightmare and usher in a new way, a New Age.

This is my wake up call here now that I share with you to inspire the spark in your heart to do the work you came here to do. You know who you are. It's time to step into your Fierce Magick. Your dreams are calling, your angels are ready, the world in longing and now is your time.



Medicine Woman


She could have let it take her.

Knock her down and drag her out.

She could have sunk forever into a pit of fear and doubt.

But this was not her purpose and shall not be her path. She was born to blaze and burn this, making it fuel for her torch.

The horrid things that happened, the sorrow and the grief, the agony, the pain, the total disbelief.

She could have let it squash her.

Confine her in a box.

She could have hid forever ashamed and wrecked by guilt

But this was not her calling and shall not be her tale. She was born to rise, bright feathers on her wings.

And now she sings with purpose and now she paints with power and now she writes with courage and now she knows her strength.

This woman is a warrior, this woman is a queen. This woman is a lighthouse and with Fierce Magick beams.

She will not live in shadow. She will not hid in shame. She will not be forgotten. This woman knows her name.

This woman is a Phoenix, this woman is a Star. This woman is a Gift and does not hide her scars.

She faces her story. She owns her truth. She knows there is power within her wounds.

She shows her sisters. She shows her brothers. She shows her world how to hold each other. To not turn away or pretend that the nightmares don't matter, that the pain isn't real.

She shows her sisters, she shows her brothers how to turn and face and heal each other.

She could have let it take her, instead she let it make her into the Magick medicine woman she is today.

Life is not just a culmination of all that happens to us. May it also be a celebration of all we can bring through us. ❤️

Image by: Brooke Rosenblum

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