Record Rains, Early Snows Southern Hemisphere & Newest Cosmic Ray Count (562)
Just weeks after David Taylor forecast record cold for Australia this year, early snows and frost appear, 8 weeks ahead of schedule. Record rains now confirmed for Brazil and Dominican Republic in March. Floods and Freak Storms during the dry season in eastern Thailand. Newest cosmic ray counts by Carlos Ramirez.   

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BOM early Frost  

Victoria weather: First snow of the season at Mt Hotham, Falls Creek as cold snap crosses state 

Temperature Reconstruction https://wattsupwiththat.files.wordpre... 12th frost of summer São Joaquim (South Brazil)  

Brazil – Belo Horizonte Streets Turn Into Rivers After Torrential Rain  

Freak Rainstorms Thailand  Australia is heading towards it's coldest winter on record predicts David Taylor,  

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