Recording is done!

Over the last two weeks, we spent two full days studio recording the third series of Tales. Our best guess was that we'd need two full days recording to get the six episodes done, maybe with a bit of time for minisodes. As it happens, that was a massive overestimate, and we finished Episode Six last Sunday, leaving us with ten hours of studio time paid for and not a lot to do with it...

Never defeated, we put the time to good use. This week Jude and Chris have been hard at work writing and we're pleased to let you know that we've now recorded the audio messages for our backers at the relevant level, AND all three of the promised stretch goal minisodes - 'Gillespie's Christmas Carol', 'Mortifying Curiosity' and 'Banj-o-Shanter', all of which will be going out to our Patreon and Kickstarter supporters as soon as they're ready. We even managed to squeeze in an extra one, "Pro Patria Mori", which puts Arthur in a difficult situation...

But we STILL had extra time. 

It's a sort of open secret that we've been working on another project for a while, and we had three episodes of a planned six installment season sitting written. Chris managed to magic up another one, so we recorded them as well. We're not going to let on what it's about just yet, but you'll hear more about it soon, and we hope you enjoy it once it's ready.

So, it's over to Stoo now to work his magic, and we hope you're as excited as we are to see what comes next!

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