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The Bach partitas are recorded now ! All of them. 

You know what... if feels very strange to me that this is over (at least the recording part). 

But: up to the next project. 

You know by now, that Authentic Sound will have a different look from March onwards and to be honest: it will have to develop with trial and error. I'd like to introduce more interaction, more focus as well.  The Patreon system might change with that, you'll be informed upfront of that !

A question : would you like the idea of having a group Google Hangout with me? It is like a livestream on YouTube, but only you Patreons and me and Anja. With a link that you receive here, you'll be able to log in and with a mic and/or webcam, we all can talk to each other as if we would really meet in person.

So what do you think? Just hit the reply button and let me know!

We plan to introduce this to the channel as well, but for all future live hangouts (of which the capacity is limited to 20 at a time), you will have the log in link alsways upfront. You are a Patreon for something, right?

Thanks for all your support, it is the backbone of what Anja and I do !

This video is the 3d "official" video for this month. As said: things are about to change to reset the system.

Take care!