Recording Schedule Today
So I have a fair bit to record today, starting off with two Episodes of everyone's favourite, Train Fever. That will take most of this morning as it is two hours of recording to get through.

I will then copy and process these files onto the i5 so that it can process and upload these while I continue to record on my main i7 Rig. This makes more efficient use of my time as the i5 can sit in the background and continue to run for the rest of the day with these tasks.

Next up will be Trans Ocean 2 - Rivals, looking forward to taking on those competitors and possibly expanding out of Europe more. As part of Africa is already taken, I may try for the rest of Africa or just move straight across to Asia, yet to decide.

Then it will be onto Episode 2 & 3 of Planet Coaster, only 30 minute episodes now I think. I am thinking maybe we should put in a fairly simple coaster to start things off. Now I am considering adding some scenery off camera and then giving an overview at the start of the episodes. Not sure what I will go with, I will record Episode 2 and then decide.

Last up for recording is Subnautica, now I may only get time to record one Episode of this today as it is also an hour long, but that's cool. Possibly going to head off to one of the islands and see if we can get a few more base decoration blueprints, although we still have to find the blueprints for the Seamoth too.

Now you are probably wondering what about XCOM 2 and Prison Architect, don't panic, I already have this weeks recorded, which I recorded last week.

This should complete all the recordings for this week and a few of next week, although Monday's Cities Skylines maybe late again unfortunately. Can't be helped as I will just run out of hours with only two off this week.

Now in between processing and uploading on the i5 I will copy over any more completed video's and add these to the queue. This is in order to keep the i5 running all day either processing video's using Handbrake or uploading the files to YouTube. Once uploaded I will probably have to edit all the descriptions tomorrow which is fine as I will be waiting in for a plumber to call anyway so it will give me plenty to do tomorrow.

Now there is no ground breaking news here, but I just wanted to share with you guys what goes on behind the scenes. With only two days off this week and then pretty much from Wednesday to Sunday I'll spend all of my time at work it doesn't give me any time to catch up or really do anything. My working days are spent, up at 5am, catch up with comments, off to work for 7am start and usually finishing at 7pm coming home making dinner and again catching up with a few things before bed, usually around midnight. It is a busy life I lead.

Anyway hoping you will enjoy the video's I am about to start recording today and which I will release over the course of the next two weeks. Keep on watching and sharing and thanks for your continued support.