Red Barn Tennessee by Stock
Henry Horton State Park is an unusual one' it has it's own golf course, restaurant and store -situated beside Duck River just south of Nashville Tennessee. We picked up Rachel's son Tyson and his Basenji pup  Spatz, who are now part of our traveling circus. Tyson is a media wizard and the idea is he will document our journey. Adding another person and a dog might be crazy, but then we have been known for quite some time that is our way of doing things. We are breaking camp this morning and headed for the Mississippi River. From there, we will make it up as we go, as usual.  For the third post in a row; You guessed it, Red Barn. This one is in Tennessee, three states three red barns. I must admit this one was a struggle and I went back the next day and wiped out the entire lower half and repainted it. In the future I will post and talk more about all three versions.  Talk soon! Thank  you Patrons!