Red Bull Can Around The City
I got free Red Bull. I was inspired. This is the product of that inspiration.

I need to leave now for the Tea Party meeting. I was not asked to film anything (tonight's speaker is video-chatting in). 

I might shoot a video tonight when I am back home. I am on the path toward getting a new (used) laptop. My laptop is hitting the edge of its usefulness. Editing the Philip Haney speech is putting it through too much too often. 

I am uploading the "just words" video of the photos from Saturday at the moment as well. The JPEG's alone are 20GB in size! Hahaha. That's massive. I took over 2100 shots in eight hours on Saturday. 

When I return tonight, I will continue to scour the net for how to post this video on Instagram. I read Drudge every day, and I see reports that IG is on the rise. I am trying to push a greater presence on there to also help my YT subscription count. Ever since adding my IG SN to my business cards, I have been getting a few new subs a week. Compared to YT, this is a massive difference. I joke that I will never post more photos than I have followers, so this is my time to start posting a lot more on there. 

I want to tag Red Bull in this video and see if they like it. I might try this little experiment again with a different foreground object of interest. We will see.