Red Epic Merc Blog: Fifth Month of the Campaign
Officers and common soldiers alike, hail and well met! 


 I'm sorry for the delayed post guys, I have been struggling to get some other pieces done and they have been eating up my time. However, im ready to get this months map started up and ready to go!

Also I need my officers  to submit their votes! I will give another day to announce the new map, but as of right now the Great Library of Egras is in the lead!


Honestly, not too much going on here other than some camping on the Oregon Coast at the Umpqua Lighthouse state park, a truly lovely place to go, and some 6mm coldwar miniature painting, which I have done in my extremely limited spare time fore sanity. First time i've ever done 6mm painting, so its been a bit of a learning experience considering i'm usually a 15 or 28mm guy. Any of you have experience with such?

Oh and my birthday is this month on the 21rst... and my Mother in Law is coming to visit a few days after that for a week. The perfect birthday present (not)! 

Chelsea and I are planning a new trip to England in the first months of 2017, and so will prolly be roaming aroundthe English countryside for a week or two by then.


Alot going on here, mostly for a billion figurative pieces that 4Ground Inc needs done int he form of cardart and conceptual pieces. I believe they need 60 pieces of art in like 6 months! A sample of that conceptual work is above!

Storm Kings Thunder dropped on the 6th and so i had to prep and make available all of my digital download files for that. They haven't been selling that great, but that may be because of Wizards deals with ROll20 and Fantasy Grounds. Guess we'll see how it all shakes out!

I had to tackle a few large personal commissions, and was supposed to be working on a new Wizards project, but apparently that fell through which kinda sucks. 

My How to Draw RPG and Fantasy maps book is selling surprisingly well, just got my second royalty check which was nice. Not enough to retire on (Not even close) but its nice to have a bit of residual income and such. I have been thinking about publishing a new map book, this one covering dungeons and cities, a topic that a great many have been asking me about.


For Officers with Votes please PM me with your vote(s) ASAP  and I will tally them up to decide THIS month's Map! 

September Map Choices:

--Cairn of the Dark King: The wind howls atop an ancient barrow.

--The Great Library of Egras - Forbidden knowledge, and untold peril.

--Battlefield of the Fallen - The shroud of death lurks within the gloom.

--The Temple of Gorgoron - Beware the eyes in dark.

Good luck and God speed!

~Company Leader Blando