Red Kangaroo Skull
I really, really didn't intend to buy much of anything on my trip to the coast yesterday. However, walking into a little rock and shell shop, I saw a small display of skulls--mostly fairly common things like deer and elk. But then there was this. This is a red kangaroo skull. Not only are they unbelievably hard to get in the U.S., but this particular one has a story. Turns out the guy that I bought the skull from used to be a professional buyer and seller of zoo animals. He got this male red kangaroo from the San Diego zoo (I'm guessing they had a surplus?) and kept him on his own property until the critter died of natural causes. It's not in perfect shape; it was left in peroxide too long and is a little flaky, and the left zygomatic bone is missing along with the front teeth and a chunk of the underside. But I am really, really excited to have this skull in my collection, even with the imperfections.