red riding hood... first fine art piece on the way for Patrons
This is the piece that I am currently working on for this, the first months offering to patrons. 

She's got quite a bit of work to go (still not hapy with her eye!), and this image shows only her head...the rest of the image is on the way. 

At the moment, working it up in photoshop,though I am keeping each of the steps for the $1 level fact sheet and the PSD layered file.  

this is destined to be painted out onto Gesso'd wood, so I like to start out with a good idea of where I am going. It's called a colour rough. And although it is in photoshop, I like to have it looking like natural media to work it up from.

More WIP (works in progress) as they arrive. And I can get to it between the commissions I now have on my plate!  But all t'will be done!