The Red Shoes....the cult of consumption
Membership in the Red Shoes Gang was consider a privilege, and all across the planet people couldn't wait to be an active member.... aka, The Cult of Consumption.....Where the only requirement was to believe in never ending planetary resources and to consume, often buying shit that you didn't need, nor could ill afford....but that didn't matter, it was your big chance to take part in the pageantry....

 The cult of consumption is the brain child of Clever Boy and his Cult of Psychopaths designed specifically to keep the masses distracted, manipulated consumers, with no participatory role in the decisions of their governance.   

This video is a story about how the hairy man from the east, who relentlessly kill the beast, poisoned the food, water, and skies, and taught the people to deny the truth and honour the lie....who insisting on placing profits above the concerns of mankind and the planet.  The same man who used a psychologist to manipulate the masses, and control their asses, by playing on their impulsivity.....I tell you he has no shame, and so it would remain in 2016 more of the the man with no soul sold out the people and planet for his unquenchable thirst for more, more, more.

And so off the masses would go and go, to the executioner's door....(aka, mother nature).

The Red Shoes Gang....worldwide membership, no application fee required..