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Red suits.

Adam and Vanessa are training to become assassins for the government’s secret services. They attend a well structured academy that is paying them very well.

He shares some common traits with her personality but she cannot compete with his mad desires.

Emily is Vanessa’s neighbor and becomes her girlfriend after a passionate night they share together. Before that Adam has already met Vanessa and she falls in love with him after they spend the night in each other’s arms. 

Pamela becomes Vanessa’s second girlfriend when she steals her panties from her gymbag. Vanessa finds her apartment and catches her redhanded. All 3 fall in love with each other as they share a fiery lust for Adam. 

Kathrin is a young teacher in Emily’s music academy and one night she follows her home trying to return a notebook she forgot in her class. Knocking her door she discovers a whole new world behind Emily’s apartment walls. 

Adam’s eccentric taste both terrifies and captivates all his girls. Day by day they lose their free will and fall victims to his twisted thoughts. He loves them all and they love him back even more. But that does not stop him from pushing their bodies beyond their physical limits. Exposing their minds to profound avenues of pure pleasure and animalistic lust they become his slave every fuck at a time. 


1- Pulsating bodies.

She was walking from the vending machine to her car when Adam first saw Vanessa in the academy. She had long black hair and thick red glasses on. Her figure was slim and her hips were prominent. Her breasts were not very big making her body look elegant, almost otherworldly. Adam could not take his eyes of her since she herself was looking straight at him. He was wounded and his forehead was bleeding, not too much but blood was dripping down to his left eye.

During the exercise he had hit his head on an unexpected sharp right turn and as he was running he slipped falling down and hitting his head on the ground.

Vanessa was standing beside her car not being able to enter because the sight of blood on Adam’s face made her wildly fantasize and forget where she was. He stood up and went up to her saying.

-Hey I’m Adam.

Vanessa didn’t talk but she reached for Adam’s bloody face and with her finger touched it, she then smelled it and tasted his blood. In that moment Adam eyes lit up as he was realizing that she could be the one for him. She was licking her finger and her nipples were getting hard as the blood was hitting the back of her tongue and throat. She took out her finger dripping with saliva and with heavy breathing said.

-Hello sir …. My name …is Vanessa.

She said as she was looking at his eyes like a hawk is hunting for its prey. Adam grabbed her hand and told her to follow him. He went to his car and opened the passenger’s door. She went inside with no hesitation. Adam closed the door and for a moment stood there. He thought that this needs to be special so he prepared his mind for the event to come. He went in the car and drove out of the parking lot. As the car was getting ready to move Vanessa said.

-Where are we going sir?

-To my apartment I have to show you something that I know you will like.

Adam was 3 years younger than Vanessa but that didn’t bother her at all because she was beyond the commonalities of her peers. She recognized in him the character of a man that is not afraid to be himself ,she saw in his eyes the same look she has when she stares herself in the mirror. She could smell him and she knew that this was a man that was able to destroy her or make her experience things that were unimaginable to the common mind. Adam being 25 was at his best shape that he would ever be in his life and Vanessa was at the pick of her beauty. Her face was flawless only for a small cut on her upper lip that she was biting hard at this moment so she could taste her own blood.

After a hard bite the wound opened up and blood started flowing on her lips making them red like a freshly cut rose. She licked her lips spreading it around her mouth and inner lips. She turned around and told Adam to stop the car. When it came to a stop Vanessa jumped on to Adam’s lap and started kissing him like a wild animal. She could not control herself as she was sucking on his tongue trying to satisfy her lust for blood. Suddenly Adam stops her and pushes her away, he puts his finger up her lips saying her to wait, he pulls out from his car’s front drawer a small knife that had only its point sharpened and with that he cuts his upper lip as well. 

In a second his lips are covered with blood and Vanessa is staring at him with a look on her face that it was telling him she was the one. Immediately Adam shoves her face back to his and start kissing her blood covered lips mixing together their life forces. Vanessa’s eyes water up and tears are flowing down. She is in a state of pure excitement and shock .Her heart is beating like it’s going to come out of her chest and fall onto Adam’s lap. After 10 minutes of lustful kissing she is calm enough to return to her sit. Both their faces are covered with blood and saliva. The smell in the car is a combination of blood, saliva, sweat and Vanessa’s perfume that at this point is indistinguishable and it can only compliment the prominent smell of blood. 

After 5 minutes they arrive at Adam’s apartment. The time that it took to reach Adam’s place was enough so she could partially regain her composure and clean her face. She takes a bottle of water and moistens a tissue to clean Adam’s face. After 5 wipes they were both ready to go out and up the apartment. They open the door and as she is ready to toss the bloody tissue she puts it in her bag. Adam opens the door with his keys and they enter. Vanessa hesitates for a moment to go in thinking what could happen to her, but before she can make up her mind the smell of the apartment hits her. Within logic and madness her body moves on its own and enters. Adam puts down his bag and goes to his room while pointing to the couch. She obeys like a tamed animal and sits down with her eyes fixed on him. As the door closes she is free from his presence and she can explore the room. 

The color of the walls is a light blue tone, 2-3 big paintings are decorating almost every wall of the apartment and they are all magnificent. Every painting is a different color of red and they all portray figures made from blood. She stares at them in awe but before she can turn her head to look at the other side the door of Adam’s room opens and he is carrying a bag full of blood bags that they all had name tags on them. All of the names were females in the age of 19-24. Vanessa cannot believe in her eyes. As Adam put down the bag in front of her she stands up and asks him.

-Can I go to the bathroom for a second sir?

He point to the door and she enters. She is drenched in sweat. Her clothes are heavy and they are constricting her. She takes off her top and her bra exposing her breasts to the cool air. Her nipples are hard and she can feel them almost hurting. She touches them with her tips of her finger and the sensation is magnificent. She can fell every inch on her breasts as she is fondling them with her head tilted back and her mouth wide open with saliva dripping to her shoulders. 

The sound of drops hitting the floor snaps her back to reality as she looks down to her feet. Her pants and soaking wet and are dripping hard. She cannot believe her eyes .Taking off her pants made her lose her breath as she is stripping them away from her sticky flesh. The weight of them is identical when they are fresh out of the washing machine. She throws them to the floor and then takes off her panties. They are not able to hold any more liquids and they are filling her hands with her own juices. She turns around almost trembling and goes in the bathtub. She lays down trying to get hold of herself. A knock on the door, Adam asks.

-Can I come in?

Silence, Adam asks again.

-Vanessa, are you okay?

Nothing, she cannot respond fearing what can happen to her. Before she can even start to formulate a thought Adam enters and stands on top of her, he has 2 blood bags on his hands. Vanessa’s eyes are transfixed on the bags as one of them is closing Adam’s teeth that they are ripping it in half .Blood splashes all over her naked, sweaty, trembling body. She closes her eyes as it hits her face and before she has a chance to open them the other bag is filling her open mouth that is trying to take in air desperately. Adam takes off his shirt and puts the plug on the tub. Vanessa now opens her eyes and sees the chaotic scenery of her body covered in female blood. Her mind goes blank and her body is taken over by her ancient instincts. Immediately her hands go to her pussy trying to turn it inside out but that is not possible to be achieved by herself for she cannot reach that far inside. In desperation she looks at Adam’s eyes and her stare is begging him to set her free. 

Adam is standing on top of her marveling at her bloody body and her primal desires unfolding so freely in front of his eyes. 

He waits. 

Vanessa’s eyes now turn angry and are demanding of him to touch her and liberate her from the shackles that he himself put her into. 

He doesn’t even blinks as he is starring at her melting, shaking body. 

She now can’t contain her lust and she is in pure agony as she is trying to pleasure herself in an animalistic rage. Her eyes are now looking at Adam’s face with pure horror knowing that he is going to let her suffer forever. Adam kneels down and with the tip of his finger touches her stomach. 

She freezes. 

She cannot react because her legs are squeezing so hard trying to contain the feeling that is raging to come out. Adam lifts his hand and Vanessa’s legs relax for just a second, he reaches down her pussy and touches it with his palm covering it from top to bottom. Vanessa eyes roll back and her neck contracts tilting her head backwards. 

Slow spasms start to vibrate her body. 

She breathes very heavy almost struggling to keep air in her lungs so she won’t faint. Adam now lifts his arm 2 inches, sticks his index and middle finger together and shoves them into Vanessa’s hungering, slippery, wet pussy. With a loud moan and exhaling the deepest breath she could take she cums. Her legs are linked together trapping Adam’s hand inside her pussy that is overflowing with liquids. She opens her eyes and looks at Adam’s hand. With a faint voice she says.

- More please…. give me more… I need more. It hurts so much sir… please sir… please I cannot take this any longer.

Adam tries to open her legs to remove his arm. She tries to stop him but her blood covered legs are slippery and her juicy pussy is against her. Adam stands up and leaves the room. Vanessa is hopeless, helpless and in extreme agony. Her body is on fire and her throat is starting to dry from the heavy breathing that her body went through. She starts to lick her hands trying to drink any fluids that she cans. Adam comes back with the rest of the bag filled with blood bags. Vanessa says.

-Please sir… help me I …need water I …have to drink something I can’t take this anymore.

Adam lifts her out of the tub. She can’t stand because her legs are trembling and there are still contractions coming from her starving pussy. 

She kneels in front of him.

Adam opens a bag carefully and drinks blood in front of her. She stares at him and the feeling of hopelessness is unbearable. Vanessa’s mouth open wide begging for Adam to liberate her from the torture she is in. Adam steps back a bit and drinks again. Vanessa’s knees now give in as well. She falls down to her back. Her mouth is still open wide begging for Adam to give her blood. Adam takes a blood bag and with both hands squeezes it in front of her face. 

Blood explodes on her face and her open mouth is filled to the top in an instant. 

She tries to shallow but she gags from its massive volume. Half of it comes out and on her face. She shallows the rest while she is coughing trying not to choke on the blood that is filling her airway. Adam grabs her by the waist and lifts her up hugging her so she can stand. Vanessa stops coughing and she takes a huge breath as she realizes that she almost died. Her pussy is dripping so much that she cannot find grip under her feet to stand alone. Adam tightens his grip around her waist and she puts her arms on Adam’s neck hugging him and covering his body with blood. She whispers softly to his right ear.

-I need more, more, more, more….more……

Adam pushes her away so her face is in front of his. He licks from the bottom of her neck to the end of the left side of her forehead. Her hands grab her breasts and squeeze as she is leaning in to kiss Adam. 

Her blood covered slippery mouth was ravaged by his tongue for 8 minutes as she was trying to get hold of herself and not faint from the extreme pleasure that was attacking her body. 

He releases her mouth and licks her lips clean from the blood and saliva that was dripping effortlessly from both sides. She was almost in a trance state trying to hold her upper body straight.

Her eyes were empty and she was starring into the void. 

Her mouth was open and still dripping with saliva and blood. She leans into Adam’s right ear and mumbles with a weak voice.

-Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me……….fuck me….. Please …please…please... … fuck ..…me…..fuck………me……

Tears started flowing from her eyes as her pussy was trying to stay above the surface of its own ocean. She mumbles again.

-Please sir….please…. it hurts…it hurts….please…please…fuck me…

In her desperation she tries to kiss Adam again but he leans down and grabs the blood bag with one hand as he is holding her with the other. 

Feeling her body starting to fall she locks her arms around Adam’s neck and hugs him like her life depends on it. Adam walks out of the room and goes in his bedroom. He leaves the blood bags near the bed and throws Vanessa on it. 

She falls to her back and her legs open wide revealing her wet, gapping pussy. Adam picks a blood bag and fills his mouth with blood. She pulls Vanessa by her legs violently towards his mouth. 

Her pussy is in front of his mouth. 

The heat from Adam’s face so close to her pussy is unbearable to Vanessa, she breathes heavy as juices are coming out even more and her legs and trembling with anticipation. Adam put his mouth on Vanessa’s drowning pussy and fills it with blood. He keeps his mouth shoved into her swollen lips as his tongue is swimming inside the warm, liquid mixture of blood and bodily fluids. 

Her legs finally fully drop and her pussy is in full display, she can feel Adam’s tongue inside her body, she is being violated and her sanity is gone. 

Only pleasure is dominating her right now. 

Every other feeling is absent and her mind is blank. 

With a faint moan coming out of her paralyzed mouth she cums, she cums again and again. Adam’s face is covered with her fluids. He finally opens his mouth and a river of blood and cum comes out staining the shits of his bed. 

Her pussy is pulsating and with each pulse juice is overflowing dripping down her swollen lips, she is laying there with her arms and legs spread wide. 

The sight of her face is a true master piece, she is smiling with her mouth open, tears are coming to her eyes and saliva is dripping down her cheeks.

Adam layss on top of her and he kisses her mouth. After 10 seconds she regains partial control of her arms and with struggle she hugs Adam trying to pull him into her chest. 

Adam now is in total control of her mind and body. She is there to be used as he pleases. Her mind is shattered and it cannot regain control. 

Vanessa is there all alone with him. 

She is not afraid anymore.

After 20 minutes Vanessa is completely surrendered to whatever he chooses to do to her. 

As he stands up she stares at him and she breathes heavy. No voice is coming out of her mouth but Adam can clearly see her lips saying.

-Fuck me please….fuck me…fuck me..fuck me…fuck me…

He stands up and grabs a blood bag. He takes off his remaining clothes and he pours blood to his face letting it drip downwards. His big hard cock is covered with blood, as he turns to her it drips on her legs.

He approaches her body and she can feel something different from before. She can feel the skin of his legs touching her inner thighs as he is coming closer to her. 

Her eyes open wide as she struggles to lift her head to see over her stomach. 

With the corner of her eyes she sees Adam’s hard throbbing cock approaching slowly to her pussy. She lifts her arms trying to grab Adam’s neck. As he is leaning down to her body she is able to grab him. 

Her pussy is dripping with blood and it’s pulsating in the rhythm of her pounding heart. 

Her juices make her pussy to hurt as they are trying to flow out of it but it is too much. 

Her pussy cannot handle her excitement and is pulsating even harder while it is overflowing with blood and liquids. 

The pain is like never before, she is starting to tear up again as she takes a breath with all the power she could gather and she whispers loudly for the last time on Adam’s left ear.

-FUCK ME ……………..

Adam thrusts his body with immense force. 

His hard blood covered cock is being shoved violently in her small pussy and it drains it from all its liquids.

She can barely contain him. 

In an instant blood and bodily fluids explode out of her pussy. 

Vanessa pulls down Adam from his neck making him lose his balance. 

His arms slip and he collapses on her fragile body. 

His cock receives the last thrust it needed to extract all the juice from her pussy. 

No space is left in her and she can feel her body heating up trying to comprehend what it happened to it. 

Her eyes roll back but nothing happens to her body for it is almost paralyzed by pleasure and exhaustion. 

Adam pull out his cock sucking her inner organs in its way out, she can feel that but she cannot react. 

Her eyes start to blink rapidly. 

His cock is almost ready to exit her pussy, but the suction is too great. 

Adam shoves it back in with tremendous force once again. 

Vanessa’s mouth now opens wide and her eyes completely close. 

She cums. 

Adam lifts his body from her and places his hands next to her head. 

He can now destroy her pussy with every thrust he makes for he can use the gravity to his advantage. 

He pulls out his cock and shove it back in. 

Vanessa exhales slowly as her eyelids open with her eyes still rolled back. 

She cums. 

Saliva is now starting to drip from the corners of her mouth. She can feel her insides being moved around by Adam’s cock but she can do nothing. 

He takes her legs and puts them in front of his chest so he can reach in the deepest regions of her body.

With his arms he locks her legs in front of his shoulders. She can feel her body being moved around but no muscle is able to resist. 

Once again Adam pulls out his cock but this time he has gravity to his arsenal. 

As he is coming down Vanessa is almost able to realize what is about to happen. 

Before she could finish her thought Adam reaches deeper than her pussy can go. 

His cock hits Vanessa’s body limits and surpasses them now pain is introduced to the game. 

She cums but this time she feels something different. 

Her body starts to shake for it is the first time something, so violent and pleasurable, so painful and desirable happens at the same time. 

She reaches the limits and most apocryphal stages of orgasm a woman can experience. 

She cums…. She cums…. She cums… She cums… ……

Vanessa almost faints.

Her heart beats irregular and she is sweating. 

Adam is not done. 

He is just getting started for this was only the beginning. 

He now uses his legs to gain even more power and he lifts Vanessa’s lower bank in the air. He is on top of her. His cock is going straight down to her pussy. 

Gravity is now Vanessa’s enemy for it adds Adam’s full weight behind his every thrust. 

Vanessa tries to hold even harder from Adam’s neck but she has no strength left. They fall down and her arms are not moving. Adam grabs her neck with both his hands. 

He begins to choke her, squeezing harder with every thrust he makes. 

Every time his body slams into Vanessa’s paralyzed body his grips tightens around her neck and he speeds up his thrusts. 

After 50 thrust he reaches his final speed. 

His heavy body is violently shaking her and his cock is ravaging her insides. 

She is in pure ecstasy and she is breathing fast and in short irregular breaths. 

She can feel her neck being crushed down by Adam’s hands and her breaths is losing the war every time he thrusts. 

She cannot go any longer. 

This is going to kill her.

Adam releases her neck for 3 seconds and she takes in a 2 big breaths but this is not the end.

Now the beast within Adam is unleashed to roam free through his body. 

His thrusting speed doubles and he chokes Vanessa with all his power. 

After 100 thrusts Vanessa is on the brink of death, no air can come in her lungs and the blood is cut off from her head. 

She starts to slowly close her eyes and her mouth relaxes. 

Adam makes his final thrust.

He ejaculates inside the deepest parts of her body.

Vanessa snaps open her eyes and taps Adam hands to release her neck. 

Adam lets go but pins down Vanessa’s head with both his hand and all of his body weight. 

As air fills her lungs a strange feeling takes over her consciousness and she reaches the most pleasurable orgasm that it can be ever achieved. 

She can fill Adam’s cum filling her pussy and the air in her lungs giving life once again to her almost dead body. 

She lets out a moan that is long and colorful. 

She cums. 

She takes another breath and she can again feel life entering her body.

She cums. 

She exhales and her breath hits Adam’s face that in return hits her own face. 

She feels the draft of air from her own breath on her skin. 

She cums. 

She finally takes the last breath needed to come back fully to life. She inhales slowly for 6 seconds filling her lungs to capacity. 

At that moment Adam pulls out his cock. 

Vanessa can feel her inside being dragged outside of her body. In panic she lets out her breath and a loud guttural moan fills the room. 

She cums again for the final time so violently that her pussy juice could hit the ceiling. 

Adam releases her head and lets her legs fall down. As they hit the bed, her blood covered pussy spits out both their body fluids. 

Vanessa is laying there. 

She is sweaty and blood is covering her. She can’t move her body ,only her head. 

Adam is laying to her left trying to catch his breath. 

She tilts her head to see him. With her right arm she reaches over to touch his face. As she touches him she smiles and tears are falling from her eyes. Adam reaches over and grabs her by the waist pulling her body into his embrace. She hugs her tightly and she can feel for the first time truly safe. She falls asleep on his arms as her mind is finally able to start regaining control of her body and her thoughts.