Red, White and Blue
The three major human factions as represented by their main line cruisers and M.A.V.'s, just in time for election day. left: Leontes Class and Foxhound center: Illyrius Class and Spartan right: Manchester Class and Gladius The M.A.V.'s are shown approx. to scale. I chose these colors for the overall scheme of the mass-production units for the human factions for two main reasons. Firstly, they are the most common colors for flags on the Earth and so it felt appropriate that at least the main elements, if not the patterns or old emblems, would still have a place in the far future. The second reason is is more symbolic and based on the appearance of simple light as its source travels away(red), is stationary(white) and moves towards(blue) an observer at lightspeed. When applied to the factions, M-Con(left) seeks an escape and total removal from the influence of the Earth. The New Orion Alliance(Center) is obsessed with truth, personal rights and their sense of justice as applied to all sentients equally. The Earth Union(Right) is focused on expansionism and both the survival of humanity and the preservation of the Homeworld against all threats alien and internal.