RedBubble Art Print Passes Inspection
I ordered a few products from RedBubble to check out the quality. This is their art print on acid free paper. It came in a thick plastic sleeve, rolled in a tube.  I am quite happy with the quality. It is larger than the original, which was a bit odd to me, but I don't think it will be for anyone who hasn't seen the painting in person. The paper is 12 x 16, and the image area is just under 10 x 12. The original painting is 8 x 10. I put my business card in the photo to show some scale. RedBubble won't include one, if you order.

I think that it's pretty affordable way to hang this in your home. It will need to be framed, and a mat would set it off nicely. The cost is $18.34 plus shipping through RedBubble for the unframed print.

I also ordered a greeting card. I think I'm going to be removing that from my offering though. The envelope provided is too large for the card, and the paper is very glossy. It seems like it would be hard to write on, and that's what cards are for, right? I'll continue to make my own cards here at home for now on quality card stock.

I also ordered a tall travel mug, which hasn't come yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how that is, as the image seemed to fit great on it.

If you order anything from RedBubble, I would love to hear about how you like it. Feel free to make a post here on Patreon.