Redbubble, Ko-Fi, Stickers, and Technical Difficulties
So, as you all know I haven't been particularly active on Patreon (to say the least). The embarrassing truth is that when I cleared my cache at one point, I lost my login details, and was trying to log in with my old email address - having forgotten that I'd changed it to my commission-specific email address.

I'm finally back in action, or so I thought, but two days ago my laptop stopped registering its left or right buttons, some of the F# keys, and the pressure sensitive input on any tablet. (We tested 3. I'm not pleased.)

This laptop, to be fair, is like 8+ years old, and the tablet 7+. It's not that surprising that they're both breaking down.

Nonetheless, now I've gotta try to get funds together - especially since, on top of that, it's house-moving time.

Over here I've got some stickers: AdderTwist on Redbubble

And if you want to donate a random volume of money but don't want to commit to being a Patron, that's totally fine! Even just a couple of dollars is appreciated, and you can send it here:  AdderTwist's Ko-Fi link 

In thanks, I'm attaching a work in progress here of one of the Pokemon sketches I was going to turn into a sticker, as well as an old bust in profile I did as a request a long time ago. :3