You might recall that a few days back I commented that on Thursday--which was today--I was committed to drive one of my sons on a long string of errands that would fix some of his problems.  Late last night and early this morning those plans changed.  His first paycheck was considerably smaller than anticipated--less than half, because he thought it would cover two weeks but it only covered one, and they somehow forgot to include one of the days that he worked.  That meant insufficient funds to both fix the problems and drive to work.  However, it was further complicated by the fact that the person who was providing transportation for him would be out of town for a week.  Thus he is now here, and we are providing the transportation, but he is also providing significant financial help at a crucial point, with another check due in under two weeks, so it appears that we have a good chance of pulling through if nothing goes wrong.


Meanwhile, Derek wraps up the week with Old Verses New; Chapter 113, Brown 39, in which he answers a few questions.  I don't have anything major in the pipeline, so unless I revive (it was an early, long, and exhausting day after a multiply-interrupted night) and think of something clever, you'll hear from me on Sunday.