Redoing Notflix and the Tier System
Hey guys,

We have a couple big changes coming up.

First things first - our patrons who are currently donating to Notflix are being moved to "Legacy" tiers, where your contributions and your access to the system remain the same. There are no changes for you in this regard.

What we've done is change the available tiers for new users - $5 a month will give you access to Notflix, and $10 a month will give you the same plus the ability to request new content. 

The next big change is going to be on the back-end. We're changing up how Notflix is configured and how it works for efficiency and stability. I'll provide technical details if you're interested below, and we'll try to update the page to keep you guys in the loop while we're doing the work. At the moment, we're planning on starting reconfiguration efforts beginning the week of August 21st, and can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. 

During this time, there will be extended periods of downtime while we take things offline and bring them back up. We'll try to keep Notflix as available as possible, but the only times we'll be able to work on the system will be afternoons and weekends, probably when you most want to use Notflix.

As for technical details, we're moving Vanguard from a hypervisor system (esxi) running mulitple virtual machines (three ubuntu vms, a Nas4Free vm, two windows vms) for the different components in Notflix into a FreeNAS system running on bare metal. The hope is to move plex and its various components into FreeNAS plugins and jails instead of their own virtual machines, and the simplicity will help improve performance and stability while making everything easier to troubleshoot for the issues we do have. This is going to take a lot of work, so bear with us on this, but I believe it will be well worth it in the end.