Redoux 2
We both like this one most of all. 

It's really a good blend of where the track started (with my recordings and first pass mix) and where it went during the Redoux mix...this kind of brings it back to a nice center, but better than all the previous. 

I like it because he brought the background vocals in a little bit instead of getting rid of them entirely (although I'm well aware that many found them overwhelming and distracting--now they're properly blended...ref 1:46 on the track...) and because I think the mix is better - you can hear a little more acoustic and things like that. How he handled all the vocals is pretty cool.

So, not to belabor the point or anything, but this is kind of what it's all about...there are so many alternatives, nuances, choices, in producing a song...I'm curious to know if you feel or dissect a difference and if it seems as significant to you as it does to me...?

I put this on Bandcamp too, but I think maybe Soundcloud is easier for you to listen to without having to jump through a bunch of links? Please give me some feedback on that so I can do whatever is easiest for you in the future.

$5+ Patrons - I'll put a downloadable file in a separate post.

Sorry about the late night post of the chairs which misfired, I've gotten in there and made some explanation! The app is touchy and wouldn't let me get in there to edit the post last night. The long and short of it is, I'm finally going to be able to record around here again instead of having the wood shop going gangbusters next door, which has been incredibly frustrating and not a little depressing.

Oh! And check out Olav's solo music here, it's great 

I'm so grateful for his help on this track, and for all of you who contribute to the creations.


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Suggested Theme Song: 

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