Redraw! Diamond Moon Version 2
Hello guys this is another redraw of the Princess Diamond to Mètis saga! 

Hey Patrons and Followers! Hope you are enjoying your day!

Here in this version Princess Diamond has completely changed from what she was original was and her story has too. 

In the original story "Quest of the Past" Princess Diamond was a little girl who somehow traveled back in time to a distant land to fight off monsters. A long the journey with her friends she finds out that she is originally from the land and that her mother sent  her to the future to escape the chaos!

Now in the revamp version Princess Diamond is now Diamond Moon and the story name has changed to "Love and Fortune". In this story Diamond Moon is apart of the Love family who has being fighting with the Fortune family for eons! However, Diamond Moon falls in love with a member of the Fortune family! Now the Fortune family wants to use that to some how destroy the Love family for good! 

As a writer, things change and plots and stories go way of course than what was originally started. If you want to see the redraw process s of this version Become my patron for just $1 a month.