Reflections on 2015

It's a new yearrrrrrr! But before we rush into the potential of 2016, we want to take a moment and reflect on the many adventures and blessings of this past year as there is much to celebrate....

Tevyn and Jay’s ecological liturgy and ceremonial theater was shared with the Church of the Saviour community at Dayspring’s annual Celebration on the Land, Discipleship Years Artsfest 2015, with the Word & World community at the Detroit Land and Water School, along with the Bartimaeous Cooperative Ministries (BCM), Church of all Nation’s conference on Identity, Theology, and Place in Minneapolis and at the Wild Goose Festival (phew!). We also reached new audiences through features in Geez magazine, Jesus Radicals, Sojourners’ online blogs and in Todd Wynyard’s new book “Re-wilding the Way”. 

CARNIVAL! Almost 20 crew members came together for a 5 day Carnival Training and a weekend of performances in Charlotte, NC. The Carnival Training included an anti-racism training, performance coaching, worship, rehearsal and discussions on theology, carnival history, and cultural appropriation. This was our first Carnival Training, which not only strengthened the artistic integrity of performances but also supported group formation to further our efforts in dismantling the narratives of white supremacy, progress and manifest destiny that lives within us.

You (yes you!) have been a huge part of our story as we begin to create sustainable avenues of financial support and encouragement through the launch of our Patreon campaign. Thank you for your words, presence, and cha ching as it makes this journey so much warmer for us  :  )

The Carnival de Resistance!