Refocused Efforts
I know just a week ago  I was talking about getting back on track with TCS.  It has been a week, I have seven hours of wrestling that still needed scripts and am out of town this weekend while a new pay-per-view airs.  I realized my creation was making me feel trapped.  I don't like that feeling, and knew there needed to be a change.

Going forward:

- The comic stays the same.  I still have steam behind this project.

- Video content that requires five hours of research every single week and several hours of editing on top of writing and filming is a problem when you have a full time job and no significant income from the project.  A solution?  Make less structured content.  I want to experiment and create what strikes my fancy.

- Down the road, I want to revisit The Cheapest Seat and create a bigger, better version with a small cast and a budget.