Regarding the issue of my Qidian novel (Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel)
I'm sure you guys already know what's going, so I'm not going to repeat about what's already known. With that said, it seems like it'll be a rough road ahead for any translator of Qidian novels that's not on Qidian International, including me.

Honestly speaking, this came as quite a surprise to me. While I was sure that Qidian International was going to try and monopolize the market to the best of their ability, I expect them to come out all this sort of crap, and this quickly.

Anyways, Qidian International has issued an ultimatum to WW to hand over all their translations in 3 days (which I think is completely retarded), then they'll probably be going after other Qidian novel translations from then on. I don't know whether I'll be one of them, but if I am... Well, I won't be joining them. Their (Qidian International's) business practices truly disgusts me. So if and when that happens, I'll just have to think of what to do about it. 

Don't worry though, before anything happens, I'm just going to continue on translating this novel as usual. It is the first Chinese webnovel I picked up the translate and it is one of the novels I really enjoy, so I would like to see it to the end.