Regarding Patreon's new policies [PLEDGES COST AND OTHERS]
Hey guys, I will try to do this post as short and well structured as possible to don't bore you, but it's important for both you and me. We will talk about:

1) What are the new pledge costs about

2) New Charges

3) Alternate way to pledge: Paypal

4) Shimeji Beta Links for Newcomers 

5) Fonts and other links you may wanna read



By this time you should have all received an email from Patreon regarding a change in their payment policies. Quoting their email, “A new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 will be paid by patrons for each individual pledge starting on December 18th.”

Summing up, if you want to still support me here you will pay a little more to let me receive a fairest amount from every tier. I never got a fair amount xD someone pledging 1$, I always kept like half of it because of taxes and fees. To be honest though, I would prefer to still pay the fees by myself if that means to implement Upfront Payment. Because as you already know, I am tired and sick of the Frauds, Declined payments and Thieves and it's impossible to predict how much income will I get every month... and to pay bills, that's a lame. But well, let's at least give it a chance and see if it's really worth it or not :)



If you pledge 1$ you will be charged a total of 1.38$

If you pledge 2$ you will be charged a total of 2.41$

If you pledge 5$ you will be charged a total of 5.50$

If you pledge 10$ you will be charged a total of 10.64$

If you pledge 25$ you will be charged a total of 26.1$

If you pledge 60$ you will be charged a total of 62.09$

If you pledge 100$ you will be charged a total of 103.25$

Do what you really feel like :) I can't obligate you to stay. I would love you all stayed but if you really can't afford this and you still want to support me, I am giving you other options below.



Option 1) I would create a Donation Paypal Button and add it into Patreon's main page and my other art pages like deviantArt or Inkbunny. You would have to press it once a month.

Option 2) Instead of using the button you can just send the desired amount via Gift/Friends/Family payment through Paypal. We are talking about donations, and donations are not a service.

Option 3) To pledge 1$ through Patreon and the rest you want through Paypal using one of the two options above.



If you are a newcomer, welcome :D I've decided to give a chance for new patrons to receive the Monthly Password (which gives you access to all the currently working on Shimejis, allowing you to test them all when you please), without waiting to process Patreon's pledge! 

If you pledge and want access to beta links immediatelly (so as an Early Access), you will pay at least 1$ for the password via Paypal. When I receive the payment, I will send you the password. 

To visualize this:

1. You're pledging 5$ to me on 6th December (so payments were already charged and delivered to me) and you still want the access immediatelly. You message me, I give you my paypal info where you'll send me a minimum of 1$, and after I receive it, I will send you the Password for this month. 

  • a) It's fair for you, because you don't have to wait full month for pledge to process.
  • b) It's fair for other patrons who are here longer than you and also paid genuinely past month for the access.

2. You're pledging 5$ to me on 6th December  (so payments were already charged and delivered to me), but you're not in a rush for links. You wait till 31st December to process pledge, I receive cash around 3rd/4th January and this is when I send the Password (a lot of processed pledges turn out to be a fraud or are declined, so this is my guarantee you really paid for it).



Tumblr post that inspired me to do mine 

Patreon's Staff explanation for this change 

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