Regarding Changes to Patreon Pricing Model
As you may be aware, Patreon has announced a new hike in pledge fees for patrons, ostensibly to "benefit the creators", but in reality to benefit Patreon. This is not okay, and I have joined many other creators in protesting this change. Many of us depend on $1 minimum pledges to get started, and this seems to me and others like a deceitful way to squeeze more money out of the userbase, likely in order to appease any potential investors looking to purchase Patreon and its assets.

To that end, I will be lowering the minimum pledge amounts for all of the reward tiers, except the $1 Ashigaru Tier to account for this fee hike, effective immediately, until such time that Patreon changes its policies. I would lower the amount for the Ashigaru Tier as well, but Patreon does not currently allow for pledges of less than $1... I apologize, this is all I can do for the moment.

This change will not affect the content in any way, but I feel it's best to be honest with you all. I'm deeply indebted to all of you who support me, and you deserve transparency in regards to how your money is being used and to whom it's going.


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