Regina's Reaction
We had hit a pretty rough patch in our lives. What had been a common bond had become too stressed to maintain, and our ways of looking at the future had changed. We fought, we damaged our relationship, and then we calmed down. It wasn't Regina came across the owner of a seaworthy vessel that I had already given up on.  He wanted a sum of money that was way out of our budget, but he was getting desperate to unload a hobby he was done with. 

I expected a delapidated vessel, what I found was an interesting project. After spending hours researching this vessel, as any potential owner should, we decided to seal the deal, but on our terms. The reality is, had Regina, as the wise mother she is, saw any reason to say no to buying this vessel, I would have understood. The same applies to her, she understands that I look at the mechanics of things, the structures, the required repairs and upgrades. She lets me worry about that because she is then able to focus on household necessities. She is great at the what ifs while living here? She can look at things from this "my vessel is my home" perspective, and that's what makes us a great team.