#RegressiveNews: Gender Neutral School Uniforms & #Brexit Talk

Now boys can wear skirts to class as schools introduce 'gender neutral' uniforms in a new drive to be sensitive to 'trans' children: http://ow.ly/AyhM100c7BX

Professor rejects Marxism after traveling the globe: ‘Socialism doesn’t work’: http://ow.ly/ASvt100bNtq

20yo Migrant Who Raped 10yo Boy Citing "Sexual Emergency" Shown Leniency: https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=55018

Why a Brexit is unlikely to happen even if the public votes for it: http://ow.ly/14Dm100cecv

As one poll shows Brexit two points ahead but another gives Remain the advantage: http://ow.ly/fH69100ceny

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