Regretting Regret
So, as you all can tell, the topic for tonight is regret.

What is regret? Why does it haunt us in ways we can't imagine? Pick at our bones like vultures?

I posted a little while ago about toxicity and healing after the fact. Regret is one thing that, I find, has held me down in more ways than one and made a slave out of me. When you labor under the burden of it, it starts to break your back.

There's a million things my anxiety doesn't let me regret. They come to mind every day, every night, keep me awake when I should be asleep and lead to more regret.

I can't entirely help that. I'm aware of that.

Some people would say that the simplest answer to regret is to do things you won't regret, but how can you tell that you won't regret something? You can be the kindest person in the world and still get lambasted with pain you didn't ask for. You can be the best partner and think everything is going wonderfully in your relationship and then be blindsided by a breakup.

So should we strive to simply be good people? And do the best we can?

I'm not saying don't be a good person. I'm saying be an authentic one. 

I'm not saying don't do things you may regret, because then you'll live in a shell. I'm saying be patient with yourself.

Maybe everything happens for a reason. I don't necessarily believe that. I think everything happens (for the most part) for an intention.

Sometimes intentions are poisonous. Sometimes intentions are justified.

And sometimes life just happens.

The only thing I regret is regretting so much and keeping my eyes so focused on the past I forgot there was a future waiting for me to grab.

What are you regretting? What do you regret that should really, honestly, just be considered life?

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