Hello, we are the team behind Dear Home Office, a new film which tells the story of young asylum seekers in their own words. Our film is based on the play of the same name which was created and is performed by a group of young men, all asylum seekers themselves. It has been performed across the UK, reaching hundreds of people, and affording many access to a different perspective on the narrative we see surrounding asylum seekers, and an understanding of what it is to come to the UK as an unaccompanied minor, and then try to build a life. Dear Home Office the film will reach so many more, anyone and everyone will be able to see these young men, and hear their story. 

Britain is a country of immigrants, our economy, our culture, our identity, is defined by everyone who has come to and lived on these shores, but over the past couple of years we've seen our approach to immigration and asylum seekers change. We have seen a new narrative emerge, one that paints immigrants as villains, and promotes violence and hatred towards them. Not only this media and political narrative, but also our constant approach and the nature of the immigration system strips these asylum seekers of their stories: we tell them they are not the age they say they are, and although they might feel at risk, persecuted, fearing for their life, actually they are not. This process removes their stories, their memories, their whole identity. Dear Home Office puts their story back into their hands, and let's them own who they are again. 

We believe this project is vital. Dear Home Office is a human story, a true connection, in a climate fear and lies. We need another perspective, and who better to provide this than the individuals living through it. However, we are in desperate need of monetary support. Everyone working on the project is doing so for free, but we still need money to film, edit and distribute the film. If you believe this story is as important as we do we urge you to donate.  We cannot pretend that our refugee crisis is not happening, and we have to give space to the individuals living through it to share their experience. Any contribution you could give, to help us do this would be very much appreciated.