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Rejected D&D Next comic
(Sorry, for the lack of updates this week, Hilary caught pneumonia, and I've been taking care of her, while dealing with a nasty head cough myself) This one was made shortly after the the public playtest of Dungeons & Dragons Next ended with a statement from the design team's senior manager, Mike Mearls, basically saying how it's okay that the game is still in pretty bad shape at the end of the playtest because the playtest was never actually suppose to be about the game's rules and how it played, but about nebulous concepts such as 'feels like D&D' ...also about providing them with rather large amounts of viral marketing and free press about the game. The comic's punchline also touches on the fact that the various past D&D design teams have tended to get fired *a lot*, even back when the brand was still going strong and their biggest competitor wasn't just their old edition with a bunch of house rules added to it, while Mearls has managed to hold on to his job through quite a few screw ups. Ultimately however, this comic was junked. It felt a bit too bitchy and mean spirited, it relied on too much information about the pen and Paper Role Playing Game Industry, and the comic just looked rather boring. Originally Mearls was going to be done South Park flappy mouth photo style but there just weren't any decent photos to work with.
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