Rejected Intro for May Short Story
I wrote a short intro for a story and then stared at it for hours willing it to become longer. It did not.

I'm not ready to abandon it though, so I thought I would put it here for you fine folks to see it.

Maybe you could suggest somewhere to take the actual meat of the story? I'm happy to hear any thoughts you have.


The sound of the microlight engine drowned out all but a few of the pilot’s words,

“...this place, anyway?”

Steven knew what the question was even with the beginning missing.

“It’s historically significant. This used to be a city. Cultural capital.” He replied.

“Good job we keep what’s left safe in a museum then.”

“Sure.” Steven resumed staring at the dark expanse of the lake below them, its surface marred by occasional spires and antennae reaching up into the light of the morning.

There it is. I did say it was very short.

I will use it for something some day.

In the meantime, May's short story is in the off and will be coming soon.

Thanks for your patience.