Late last night, we had two significant transits that will be strongly impacting us through the weekend.
Lovely Venus, the planet of all that we most dearly value, formed a challenging square aspect to transformational Pluto. This may profoundly impact your closest partnerships, love relationships, or financial concerns.
Issues of love and money are often deeply entwined. In your loving connections, this may bring deep conversations and shifting dynamics that may deepen your love connection profoundly. However, if you are in a partnership that is unhealthy, cracks may appear at this time that will widen the gulf between you unless you are willing to do the hard work necessary.
You probably won't see this shift in sibling or parent/child relationships; it will most likely play out in romantic/domestic partnerships, friendships, or business partnerships. Maintain awareness of your own integrity in your interactions; look inward.
Mercury also formed an aspect to Pluto, in this case, a sextile, encouraging you to speak up in a way that is kind and yet, expresses your deepest needs and concerns.
The Moon continues through Aquarius today allowing you to remain calm and dispassionate, somewhat removed from the difficulty engendered by the conversation between Pluto and Venus. The Aquarius Moon helps us to be able to utilize the opportunity to say what needs to be said without getting carried away in stress or difficulty. Speak your mind with kindness and without too much attachment to the outcome.

Image credit: Chromology The Door by Anna Chromy via Wiki Media