Relationship Energy - Wednesday November 8, 2017 - The Fool
 The energy around this card is carefree and happy however this is not necessarily the kind of carefree and happy that bode well for a relationship. The energy of The Fool indicates that you will attract love because of the happy energy but it also indicates that there is impulsiveness involved in this energy also. The impulsiveness can lead to irresponsible behavior that could bring about a swift ending to the relationship.

When this card comes up it can indicate someone who does not have his/her own ideas or ideals so they can be easily influenced by others into doing something that would be a complete deal breaker in a relationship.

Even though the energy of this card indicates someone who is happy and fun loving it is not an energy that bodes well for a long-term relationship.

The energy of this card is indicative of someone who is in love with the idea of being in love. Once they have won your heart they tend to lose interest in the relationship. For the Fool life is immediate they are more interested in having fun than a relationship. They are however wonderful to party with their happy energy attract people to them.